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Alba LewisAlba Lewis is one of the promising new writers today. Her fiction and nonfiction works have been doing really well in Amazon and Smashwords. She's a poet, comedian, radio broadcaster, and blogger. Read more...


  • The New Mayan Calender – The 6th Sun, the Beginning of the 13th Poctoon
    As I sat in Machu Pichhu conscious of all the worries that still weigh down me down, and of course conscious to be so lucky to be sitting not only in such a beautiful place, but for some reason midday had arrived and the tourists, not allowed to eat on...
  • Facebook flow
    It occurs to me every once in a while, and this morning, that facebook is a little mad. N ot necessarily in a bad way but when I logged on this morning, there was a few stories about new years eve, a man dying that needs prayers, myself advertising our...
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