Everybody does things differently.  My own experience is that when you are trying to get your book online budgets aren't massive, right, so planning what you can and what you cannot do is going to be vital.  Here's my experience and a plan of where to spend you budget.  Let's say your budget is $1000 to keep the percentages easy to understand:-

1.  Writing and Editing You Book:  by far the most important thing, not only your journey in the writing but you must have it edited as much as you can.  You need to spend at least 60% on editing your book. In our scenario $600 on editing.

2. Book cover.  You will need a book cover, of course. It's something that can have an infinite budget, and because it is creative you are going way to much time trying to figure out what you want from this cover. And it will be entirely subjective.  So we are going to spend very little on the budget by doing one of the following:

     a)  Find hardly known artists on the internet and when you find something you like ask them if you can use it for your book cover in return for an acknowledgement of their art work

     b) Go onto the photograph/graphic websites and find something you like

     c) Use a photo you may have taken and you like (I use photos of myself for the annual memoirs I write

Go to and purchase for $5 someone who can turn this jpeg into the cover photo with the specs required for amazon.

So budget used $5 for fiverr and say $20 for a photo.  2.5% of the budget

3.  Get it onto amazon.  Upload everything onto kdp amazon.  This is free.

4.  Marketing.  37.5% of the budget.  Spend $375 of current example.  Without marketing your book is just part of millions sitting on amazon.


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