Comedy.  Probably the most important internal and external resource in my life.  I am pretty much sure that even in the most dire of situations I some funny thought has crossed my mind.  Probably not pc.  Probably not even funny to most, but to me hilarious.

It is true to say that not only do I have no idea how small I am (despite knowing the fact that I don't reach 5ft 1" even), I also think that I am pretty funny. I can even acknowledge that when people are talking and don't hear my really funny comment, that I don't care. I heard it, it came out of this brain of mine, unfiltered, and I will undoubtedly find it funny.

So be it.

I encourage everyone to explore the humorous side of life. It is not possible to just make everything so heavy and planned and organised because it isn't real.  The irony of life lies in the fact that one is born and one will die.  Nothing you can do will stop this.  So just choosing one side of the coin without exploring the other will not be very fulfilling.

It's my opinion. You don't have to take it. And I don't judge you whether you do or not, but I have to give you my opinion because that what I see.

So to activate this idea of exploring your sense of humour, I recommend trying some improv comedy with a group of strangers organised but another group of strangers who are talented and experts in this delivery. It is scary but, in my opinion, completely and utterly vital.  Unless of course your life is so good you don't need to change anything. In which case I bow down to your experience of your own life. May it continue.